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Bangkok World Pastry 2018 Bangkok World Pastry 2018








Bangkok World Pastry 2018 by Fully Baked Story proudly presents the unforgettable master classes

April – May – June, 2018
April 2018
Program: From Palace to Pastry Shop
Date: Program I: 3 – 5 April, 2018 (Part I)
Program II: 6 – 8 April, 2018 (Part II)
By: Julien Alvarez – Executive Pastry Chef at Le Bristol Hotel, Paris
World Pastry Champion 2011/ Best Pastry Chef of the Year 2015

Program Hi-Lights!
 The only 2 master classes conducted in ASIA
 The full range of current pastry items from Café Antonia, Le Bristol Hotel, Paris
 Plus! New developed pastry menus which will be introduced firstly in Bangkok
 All participants will understand by practicing the great taste & texture classic range and currently served in the 5–Star Hotel in the heart of Paris
 Exclusive hands – on program / Limited No. of Participants up to 14 participants/Class

May 2018 (1)
Program: Trendy Symmetry Viennoiseries
Date: 4 – 6 May, 2018
By: Johan Martin – The Master Pastry Chef, Instructors, Worldwide Consultants
The Author of ‘Top Dessert in 2012’ & the bestseller ‘The Signature in 2016’

Program Hi-Lights!
While the growth consumption rate of croissants and the viennoiseries around the world are sharply increased; it is the good opportunity to explore and to improved own skill through new creative techniques from one of the most popular pastry chefs in the world.

May 2018 (2)
Program: MR. GENTLEMEN by the Duo Good Old Friends
Date: 8 – 11 May, 2018
By: Johan Martin (as per above info)
Guillaume Mabilleau – Best Craftsmanship of the Year 2011, the Owner of Nuances Gourmandes, France.

Program Hi-Lights!
 Up Close & Exclusive Master Class in ONE Shot
 The great opportunity to study new techniques | unique styles with the most 2 popular and professional world pastry chefs in one time.
 All participants will be divided into 2 groups. Each group will study 2 sets of recipes; however, everyone will receive the 4 sets of recipes from this program.
 This program is to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of ‘Fully Baked Story’ Fanpage. So, we would like to initiate WOW! Program to thank you all fans for their kind support.
 From our survey, both are THE 2 MOST WANTED that pastry lovers would like to have the experiences of seeing the Best – Two do work together.

June 2018
Program: The Last Master Class in Asia & Exclusive Party
Date: 18 – 19 and 21 - 22 June, 2018
By: Cédric Grolet - Executive Pastry Chef at Le Meurice Hotel
Pastry Shop Owner (opening 20 March, 2018) / Best Pastry Chef Restaurant of the World 2017 / Best Pastry Chef of the Year 2016 – 2017

Program Hi-Lights!
 The 2nd year visit to our kitchen, sharing best – handcrafted skill ever
 SPECIAL! 20th June – Exclusive Party / Interview / Book Signing ‘FRUITS’
Due to his project of opening the new pastry shop, Grolet has decided to decrease the overseas master class in this year onwards.

To apply, please call: 081-855-8688 or contact Webpages’ Inbox: Bangkok World Pastry or Fully Baked Story เรื่องใต้เตา


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